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To get better rankings, you have to realize that SEO is all uphill, there's never a downhill part to this process. Suppose your website was a large round boulder and you needed to move it uphill to a better ranking. In order to get that boulder to start moving you optimize the site and it is the total of all the many ranking factors (possibly hundreds) combined that gives the power to start rolling that boulder up the hill. But that boulder won't keep rolling uphill on its own, it has to be continually powered by your SEO efforts. So, to recap this paragraph, SEO is an ongoing work to keep the momentum up and maintain position as your site moves up in the search results.

If it's a slope that your pushing your website, er boulder up, here's something that may come as a surprise. The #1 position for any results is not at the top of the slope. In fact, the slope never ends. The #1 spot just shows that your site is on top of a pile of boulders that are being pushed by many other determined webmasters. If you let up on your optimization efforts, you will see soon your website start to roll back downhill.

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